Barack Obama Will Not Win in November

It would be nice to have Senator Barack Obama as President, but the reality is, that’s not going to happen. Sadly enough, I’ve already given in to the inevitable ūüė¶ Different people have different theories about WHY he won’t win. This is mine.

See, the Powers That Be have already decided that John McCain will be our next President.¬†The rest is smoke and mirrors. Even if 97% of Americans go out and vote for Obama, McCain will still win (remember Bush vs. Gore)? There’ll be some kind of recount, ballot errors, electronic vote counting error, or simply Obama’s assassination (physical or character). No matter how you slice and dice it, McCain will come out on top, and there’s not a goddamned thing that America can do about it.

Now let’s talk about the reason that people are even DISCUSSING the possibility of Obama’s demise (obviously¬†mine is not the first article).

When the rest of the “developed” world thinks of Africa and/or black men, they think of (among other things):

  • Suspects in Urban Crime (“COPS“)
  • Convicts and ex-Cons (African-Americans)
  • Rap Music, Misogyny, and Flavor Flav¬†(African-Americans)
  • Bribery & Corruption (especially countries like Zimbabwe and Nigeria)
  • Barbarians
  • Slaves
  • A Disunited, Traitorous, Self-Destructive¬†Race

The spectre of a negro man (even a MIXED one) in the highest position of the greatest country in the world, is extremely frightening to the Unseen¬†Powers Who Run This Country. It is also frightening to¬†the¬†“old people” and investors¬†of other countries.¬†It is frightening¬†because in their minds, the Black Man has ALWAYS¬†been a self-destructive, barbaric¬†slave… and anything that upsets that deeply embedded stereotype¬†will be viewed with nothing but mistrust and suspicion. For example, an INTELLIGENT, charismatic, strong yet gentle¬†black man.

A man like Barack Obama.

Hear me out. I am a black man,¬†living in a real world. I’ve had to deal with the ignorance and assumptions (albeit well-meaning) expressed by white and asian people.¬†I have seen the hatred and the negative things that people all over the world associate with being negro.¬†We can’t even help ourselves, how can one of us help¬†the greatest nation on Earth?

This is why I believe, sadly enough, even though millions of people Рmyself included Рwill vote for him again and again, Obama will NOT be our next President.

Barack Obama has¬†had great success with his run for President, and there IS a chance, mathematically, that he¬†will¬†win the general election¬†in November. That is why¬†even as we speak, the Unseen White Men Who REALLY Run This Country¬†already have¬†one or more¬†plans to take him down like a common street thug, albeit a well-dressed, articulate, educated one. They’ve probably already discussed these and more options for discrediting him:

  • Attacking his Wife and HER associations
  • Planting a Sex Smear story (that almost never fails)
  • Catching innocent slip-ups and nit-picking him into frustration, and possibly BIGGER slip-ups

And obviously if such character assassination fails, there’s always good ol’ Bullet to the Head. But, because there’s a chance that an assasinated Obama will be seen as a martyr, they have to make it look like an accident. For example:

  1. Barack Obama is goaded into visiting Iraq, gets taken out by hostile fire
  2. Barack Obama visits a small hick town in the south, gets taken out by a Crazy KKK Hitman

The first¬†scenario is easy to imagine. Barack HAS been talking about going to Iraq to visit the troops personally. The Republicans,¬†Right-Wing Media,¬†and the Unseen White Men Who REALLY Run This Country goad him into making good on his promise by¬†visiting the troops. Obviously the terrorists know about his visit. They (the Republicans, etc) make sure that his convoy is ill-prepared to withstand a random¬†insurgent attack. Boom. The suicide bomb(er) goes off, Barack goes down, problem solved. So what if a few US Marines are taken out in the process? Hey, it’s war. Shit happens. Small price to pay to get rid of a big thorn in their side. Plus, the Republicans get the added bonus of using the incident to spend more taxpayers money on Bush’s War.

The second¬†scenario is probably even easier to imagine. Barack goes to a small town to talk to southern voters.¬†A “special” secret service person looks the “wrong” way briefly (or bends down to tie his shoes). At that very moment,¬†a Crazy Clansman¬†(or an independent whack-job) whips out a gun and martyrs himself¬†to take out the “Smartest Most Uppity Nigger in the Country”. The Clansman gets arrested,¬†convicted,¬†and sent to prison. To guarantee that¬†he doesn’t spill the beans to some nosy reporter,¬†the Unseen White Men Who REALLY Run This Country arrange for him to be¬†shanked by a black man¬†– an Obama supporter, obviously –¬†shortly after arriving in prison. The rest¬†becomes part of the history books.

I am not trying to incite anything here. This article goes into detail about WHY the assassination might happen, and how I personally think it might happen. I am hoping to raise awareness… Perhaps some Obama campaign planner or Secret Service agent will see this article and take more precautions? Maybe advice Barack to NOT make any “rookie moves”? Perhaps increase his security detail, to ensure that these scenarios never occur? Perhaps we can save the life of one of the¬†most revolutionary¬†political figures of our generation? I don’t know, but this is my contribution to help PREVENT another MLK assassination execution.

After reading this article, you might think I’m some paranoid Crazy Guy who’s watched too many movies and read too many conspiracy theories.

Well, for the sake of this country, I hope you are right.


8 Responses to Barack Obama Will Not Win in November

  1. endithinks says:

    I’m sorry to say but you are horribly horribly sick and have just set the movement back 30 years. Stop your hate mongering and dismal, bleak outlook on life.

  2. moniqueth3intern says:

    Obama will be okay. Can’t alway look at this with an negative light. Yes, this country have some racial problem but it is getting better with every generation.

  3. fenderpooh says:

    Your wild conspiracy theories and pervasive victim mentality don’t help anyone, least of all African Americans.

    Here’s the first rule of American politics: EVERY CANDIDATE will be the target of attacks and attempts at character assassination, no matter who it may be. Obama will be no exception. It’s not because he is black. It’s because he is a polarizing, public figure in the political arena.

  4. Ash says:

    I want to appluade you sir for bringing to light what others so easily call ‘conspiracy theory’. It is upsetting that so many people still trust the media but won’t trust a fellow hard-working american. Thank you for putting this message out there. You are not alone in your knowledge and desire to see a rise in awareness regarding the atrocities that are destroying our world. If only people were smart enough to think outside the box and question the lame statements given to us by our media perhaps we’d stand a chance. But you are not alone and there are others like you trying to shine a light on what’s happening behind the scenes. Thank you again.

  5. Joe says:

    White people don’t have to destroy the black race. black people are doing a good job of that on their own. When people can’t get ahead they always look to put blame.

  6. Michelle says:

    I am from the UK. Europeans would love Obama to be the next president of the USA. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen. I think the majority of Americans are too damn racist to vote for a black man.
    Mccain will win but won’t be able to stay in office for very long. So you will end up with Palin and her backward views. America will be even more messed up than it is now.

  7. Morgan says:

    We will all be on the watch out for Barack.
    We won’t let them do it this time, not to another great leader. We need him.

    We are not as niave as people were in the 1960s. We have his back.

    Thank God we finally have a real leader. We might still have a chance as a country now.

  8. I think you were very wrong–WAY WRONG–with this posting. Gladly he won, and gladly he will win re-election in 2012.

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