Movie Review – The Incredible Hulk

Well I finally went to see The Incredible Hulk movie, and I gotta say, I was somewhat impressed. They stayed respectful to the source material, while making a few slight “tweaks” which completely made sense.

Since the film has probably been reviewed on a million other websites, I won’t go into the in-depth review. Instead, I’ll talk about the cameos, and give a point-by-point of what I liked and disliked.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SPOILER ALERT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you haven’t seen this film yet, and you plan to, you probably should stop reading now.

Hulk smash, bitches!

For all you fellow fanboys, here are the cameos (either in-person or written or hinted at).

  • Stan Lee – random person who got sick from drinking something containing Banner’s blood
  • Lou Ferrigno – Security Guard, and the voice of The Hulk
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury – on a computer screen
  • Doctor Samson – in person
  • Dr. Samuel Sterns, AKA The Leader – in person (they hinted at his origin)
  • The Super Soldier Serum – Ok this is technically not a person, but worth mentioning
  • Stark Industries – on a computer screen
  • Tony Stark himself, in person – this was the most awesome cameo, IMHO

Things I Liked:

  • All the actors’ performances.
  • The cameos and little nods to fanboys and the source material.

Things I Didn’t Like:

  • Hulk’s animation was a little bit too obviously “CGI”, for some reason. Maybe it’s just my discerning eyes… I expected the motion effects to be better than Ang Lee’s Hulk (which has pretty good Hulk movement to begin with).
  • Hulk’s puke-yellowish-green skin. I prefer Ang Lee’s hulk, with his more even green tones. But that’s just me, I guess. Not a big deal.
  • Tim Roth as an English-raised Russian soldier. This casting choice felt a little fake to me… how hard could it have been to find someone like, Dolph Lundgren and have him put on his thick russian accent? Ever met a cockney brit from south London named Emil Blonsky? Yeah me neither. This casting choice was totally silly.

I give The Incredible Hulk 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Random green-skinned girl, because guys like to look at pr0n, and I want to build traffic for my blog.


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