Preston on Politics: Obama’s ‘Shock and Awe’

Barack Obama’s decision to forgo public financing for his presidential campaign provides him with the tools needed to implement a “Shock and Awe” television ad strategy designed to paralyze John McCain’s campaign, an expert on political TV advertising said in an interview with CNN.

The better-funded Obama is likely to force McCain to spend money on TV ads in Arkansas, Georgia and North Carolina, said Evan Tracey, CNN’s consultant on political television advertising. At this point in the campaign, these are states that CNN projects McCain has an edge over the Illinois Democrat, but by no means are these states safely in the Arizona Republican’s column.
Full story here.

I think that the Obama campaign needs to be careful, and not be TOO successful too quickly. I believe that if they are too aggressive and simply “shock and awe” the McCain group, Obama might be percieved as “beating up an old man”.

And NOBODY likes to see old, helpless white men get beat up by young[er] black men.

With a mere gesture and a show of raw energy, Barack Obama uses a Charisma attack against the crowd.


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