Obama Breaks Promise on Campaign Finance

We’re not all stupid. I believe that the average semi-informed American understands that Politicians sometimes need to break their campaign promises in order to level the playing field a little. If I may assume this, then why did Campbell Brown (anchor for CNN) sound like an Obama-hater in this article? I thought she was a pretty cool lass, until she pulled this stunt.

So here was my response (I doubt the CNN censors let it through, but whatever):

Mrs. Brown, first of all congrats on the pregnancy. Good times, good times.

Second of all, what do you have against Obama? I mean, seriously. Drop the Politically Correct facade for a moment and think about it. He’s a half-AFRICAN, half-AMERICAN man running for the most powerful position in the nation. He’s up against the ruthless, unscrupulous, devious GOP.

Personally, when I go on job interviews for high-level positions, I bring my A+ game to the party, knowing that the fact that I am an ethnic minority already puts me at a disadvantage out the gate. So I do everything possible, within legal constraints, to get the job: I might detail my car, spend major time studying up on the company. Yes, I MIGHT break my promise to my wife that I wouldn’t splurge on a new suit, tie, and dress shoes. All this ON TOP of the fact that I HAVE to be well-spoken AND knowledgable.

Yes, Obama might have broken his promise. But, Mrs. Brown, based on the [ugly] reality of this society, don’t you think he needs all the help he can get, financial or otherwise? What would you have done in his place?

Also, Mrs. Brown, in case you’re reading this…  what’s the deal with that picture of yours on CNN? Isn’t it like, several years old? It looks totally phoney, airbrushed and near-lifeless. Kinda like a Barbie doll. Please change that picture… You’re supposed to be a serious journalist, not a wanna-be cover model for Vogue Magazine.


One Response to Obama Breaks Promise on Campaign Finance

  1. LOUDelf says:

    I think that aside from the fact that it’s unacceptable that politicians blatantly lie, and the fact that this lie may have forced the opponent to have lost the election by playing fairly, with Obama, we really have no track record to go on, we have to rely on his words. When he lies and tells the public he won’t be running for president, or that he’ll be playing by the same rules as his opponent, one has to wonder when he’s being truthful… ever.

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