One Response to Wife-slapping not OK in Islam

  1. kmd says:

    Women abuse in Islam is a myth and false accusation against Islam teaching. Islam has freed women, gave them their natural human rights and raised them above men. the prophet Mohammad (PBOH) said” the paradise in underneath the feet of all mothers” he did not say men.

    What some of the people don’t understand that in most Arab countries we mix traditions and some old school uneducated people like to enforce them under the Flag of Islam….

    This is becoming a propaganda against Islam to gave it a bad name, but those people will never succeed. Others try it before, it did not work. Most human are intelligent and when they research the subject and read about Islam from credible sources, books, Koran and the Prophet Mohammad teaching they will find the truth.

    One must ask why, although there is a mythical war against Islam, there are still more people converting to Islam then to any other religion..

    I leave you with this thought

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