Enough of Rape, Already

Women are way too sensitive about this subject BECAUSE of the educationism trend. It keys them up to see it as far more horrible than what it really is, so if it ever happens to them they become dramatically traumatized due to the pre-conception. It is a two-fold problem – the education and the fact that girls are raised to be little princesses that can get anything and everything they want if they show a little tit and a little leg. When this backfires, it destroys that self-image and usually wrecks the girl in the process because she had her entire life built on that foundation. She’s been told she can never do anything wrong, but she’s just been raped… “Why did this happen? What did I do to deserve this? Am I bad person now?” What kind of thought process is that? It’s one born out of being fed bullshit her entire life and having that blow up in her face because the thing she was told to fear most has occured. Of course it’s traumatizing! Brainwash a little girl into believing the worst thing that can ever happen to her is that she gets raped and BAM! Her life is destroyed. Congrats for that, now the whole family is traumatized right along with her.

The fact of the matter is that girls need to be taught to be strong and self-sufficient without people like you who feel the need to horrify them and tell them to be weak for victim credit, that it’s okay that they just laid there and cried and took it. Yes, rape is bad, it is an evil thing, but it should never be a life-destroying event. Instead of being taught to cry, vomit, plead, or just lay there until the act is done, girls should be taught to fight, claw, and kill their attacker if they can. No matter how much bigger or stronger the man is all humans have the same weakpoints that can be struck to disable or kill them, and men have a specific pair that are vulnerable to a wide array of crippling damage. That would be EDUCATION, not this farce of harassing men who aren’t even close to being rapists that is so common nowadays, an “education” that starts with: “Every man is a rapist. He might not know it yet, he might not manifest the symptoms in his entire life-span, but he is a rapist and he will rape you if the opportunity ever presents itself…”

And you mentioned that we blame the victims and don’t know how traumatic it is. Let’s set you straight. We blame victims for their actions that put them in the position that they became victims, not for existing as you seem to think. What you conveniently leave out is that we DO blame the sociopath, far more than we do the victim; had the sociopath not taken advantage of the situation they were both in, there would be no victim and everything would be hunky-dory. It takes two to tango and while we’re going to defend the victim if we know her, we men approach with less emotion and more critical thinking than women on the matter because we look for solutions, not rhetoric. Speaking of rhetoric: The odds of a woman just getting randomly raped are far less than 1 in 5, contrary to your scientific poll statistic. The 1 in 5 statistic, when explained correctly, is “Out of Every 5 Women Raped, 1 is a woman is raped by one of three persons: Someone who knows her, someone who she has either teased or ignored, or a shithead boyfriend that everyone has already told her is bad news and she should have stayed away from him.” That doesn’t mean we won’t rip his balls off to score revenge for her, but it doesn’t make her completely innocent in what happened either.

Instead of making men suffer for being men, we should be educating girls on having some common sense about what they do and where they go under what circumstances. We do this for boys, why do we neglect this for girls? We tell our sons all the time to be extremely careful with girls and not do anything inappropriate because it’s so easy for anything we do to be taken the wrong way and even more easy to be declared a rapist when even we don’t know what we’re doing. So why do we not educate our daughters properly in a likewise manner? Probably because we just expect them to know already, despite being just as human and prone to error as their male counterparts. We just hold them to lesser consequences out of chaeuvenism and discrimination. We expect them to be smart and weak and obviously aware of what they’re doing at all times and in all locations, and if anything happens to them it’s totally not their fault at all, not even in the slightest bit imaginable. She is incapable of being in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing or being around the wrong people. It is never ever her fault when something bad happens to her. And that is the most unrealistic view of the world anyone could ever possibly have – and yet here you are, like a million other women, preaching that it is how it is and any man that disagrees with it should go get fisted.

I say we should quit making our daughters into victims ready to happen and start making them into human beings that can take care of themselves, and I don’t mean with this bullshit of “I don’t need a man” blah blah blah. People need people, else we’d not have civilization, and humans seek to have mates to share their lives and experiences with. Boys are never taught they don’t need a woman, they’re actually encouraged to meet a nice girl and settle down someday. Let’s not have a double-standard – we can teach girls to be just as strong as boys emotionally and mentally, sometimes even physically. Yeah, I know, men are supposed to be bigger and stronger – look around you. Notce how many stick figure men are around these days? How many fat guys? Out of shape guys? Women can and frequently are just as strong as most of the men they know. Maybe in the old days when we still had axe-wielding bandits along every dirt path that adage was still true, but this is a much different time. We should quit making our sons think that women are frail, helpless little critters that need them to make them safe and useful, instead teaching them that girls are human beings with feelings and dreams as well, and the ideal girl will have the same feelings. It’s not teaching our boys to accept that No means No, it’s teaching our boys to realize that girls can be just as awesome as they are. Respect means a lot more than summary rejection and mixed signals. And finally, that leads to the conclusion: No more saying No when you really mean Yes. That is the stupidest invention ever and it really needs to go away. Too many men fall into that trap because we were never handed the manual to that particular game. It got complicated with No Means No which some girls now use to say No Means No But Actually Means Yes. UGH.


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